Working together with Miss Marie’s has been one of the best experiences. Not only does she do wonders with my children, she is a whole hearted person. When we first got together we put together a logo sample into a identity for her Learning Center. Along with all the Marketing materials & Signage her web-site has been the most effective. We worked hard to get a look that fits the Learning Center and draw attention. I like to say that I take credit for he school growing, but once you meet Marie, you will see why so many parents bring their kids here.

“Welcome to our school! Educating children for the past fifteen years has been the best job that I have EVER had!
Opening this school has truly been a “labor of love” and a realization of a dream for me. I have always believed that children, when given the opportunity are able to achieve more than we adults can even imagine! I believe that each child should be given the chance to soar. For example; if a child is four, I would not say…”since you are four, these are the four things that you will learn this year and then we’ll stop.” I would say, …”You are four and we will learn four important things this year, but if you are ready to learn ten important things things this year, let’s GO!!!”