I got a fantastic referral from a good friend, and he hooked me up with Reuben Saltzman, the Owner of Structure Tech.  Talking with Reuben on what he wanted to do with his business cards. He already had great photos done of his employees. I thought to make the cards a little more personal and add some clean design for their clients to easily get the information from the cards. Reuben already has great social networking, and a great QR code for each person. I just put it all together for him.

I was also able to get print samples to him with different materials. and he could see the cards, on how they will be printed.

Below you will see some of the samples.

This is the card I set up for Reuben and how I set up the back side.

Here are the cards for the rest of his employees. they all have the same arrangement and to keep with the Consistency.

Other great projects that I have completed for my clients