Warpia Package designsWorking with Warpia for over 3 years, I was able to help them with a new product launch. I started with a photoshoot of a sample product and was able to Photoshop the logos on the product and make a sample for them. Next step was to create a package design for their main product Dock n’ Charge.

The Dock n’ Charge is Universal dual monitor docking station with fast charging USB power for smart phones & Tablets.
Keep It Simple – Easily connect your Windows® laptop or tablet to multiple displays, keyboard, mouse, speakers, ethernet and peripherals with USB Connection
After the Dock n’ Charge was the Plug n’ View. Plug n’ View was another product that I took Product shots of and went on to the package design. One the is for HDMI adapter and one is the VGA/DVI. The Plug n’ View is an external display adapter for one monitor.
Warpia Package design
Along with these great designs, I also came up with Quick Start guides and had to update their web-site with home page sliders and for their product page.

With these three great product lines, and the other great products that Warpia sells, I can’t wait to see what comes next.