I started to work with Thumbtack in 2014 to receive quality leads. With Thumbtack, you can choose if you want to respond to potential leads. I respond maybe 1-2 per month as they come up. I was able to start to work with a great local company and assisting this them with all their marketing…


In October I started working with Avionte, based in Eagan.
I was asked to help with some web campaigns and then to create some new sell sheets for their services. We had a couple of meetings and ongoing e-mails to complete these great flyers. I created a design that stayed with their branding and color schemes.
I simplified the overall look to be consistent and clean and overall they were pleased.

Warpia’s NEW products

Working with Warpia for over 3 years, I was able to help them with a new product launch. I started with a photoshoot of a sample product and was able to Photoshop the logos on the product and make a sample for them. Next step was to create a package design for their main product Dock n’ Charge.